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The incredible power of Fork

The incredible power of a fork.

I have always filled my spare time with various projects. A good amount of these were software projects.

I started coding sometime in the late 80s / early 90s, and by 1995, I was working in software professionally. Projects back then involved creating one of the first community websites on the planet ( – which was the directory for the "Russian-speaking community of Melbourne", in Australia). I also remember installing a pre-1.0 version of Linux using something like 40 floppy disks. Insanity!

Most recently, and after a few years of running the engineering organisation at Wanelo, I went freelance, which created an opening for more projects of my liking. And so I started writing little tools, and little helper projects for myself and others.

In just a few months I've mostly completed "Pullulant" — the framework for installing developer tools on OSX, "WarpDir" — a little command line tool for bookmarking directories, and about to start "Supernova" — a Chef-based cloud template for web applications. This is so fun! I am really enjoying being back in the coding game.

What makes coding today so incredibly pleasant, is the