21 March 2014

Twelve Step Program For Scaling Web Applications On PostgreSQL

In this exciting and informative talk, presented at PgConf Silicon Valley 2015, Konstantin cut through the theory to deliver a clear set of practical solutions for scaling applications atop PostgreSQL, eventually supporting millions of active users, tens of thousands concurrently, and with the application stack that responds to requests with a 100ms average. He will share how his team solved one of the biggest challenges they faced: effectively storing and retrieving over 3B rows of 'saves' (a Wanelo equivalent of Instagram’s likes or Pinterest’s pins), all in PostgreSQL, with highly concurrent random access.

05 August 2013

Detangling Business Logic in Rails Apps with PORO Events and Observers

With any Rails app that evolves along with substantial user growth and active feature development, pretty soon a moment comes when there appears to be a decent amount of tangled logic, AKA technical debt.

13 February 2013

How to configure PostgreSQL for very high read/write throughput

In this post, I’ll go over some of our settings in postgresql.conf, which have been adjusted for high-performance/throughput and large RAM sizes. I would like to credit Josh Berkus and his PGExperts consultancy for providing us with timely and necessary assistance in tuning PostgreSQL these last few months.

05 February 2013

The Case For Vertical Sharding

In this post I share the story of overcoming a massive scalability bottleneck from too many writes ino the Analytics database table used for Event collection, using Vertical Sharding.

14 September 2012

The Big Switch How We Rebuilt Wanelo From Scratch And Lived To Tell About It

In this post we share the details of what we did and what we learned, in case someone out there ever finds themselves in a similar situation, weighing the risks of either working with a legacy stack or going full steam ahead with a rewrite.


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