About Konstantin

NOTICE: Please note that if you are interested in hiring Konstantin, please reach out via the contact info in his resume.

Konstantin is a type of software engineer who’s been coding since he was an infant. Or so the legend goes ;)

He worked across a range of Internet companies, as a Systems Architect, Lead Engineer, and, four separate times, a CTO. He loves both attending and speaking at tech conferences, and was invited to speak at RubyConf Australia in 2015, and PostgreSQL Silicon Valley conference shortly thereafter.

Some Hightlights:

  • An avid open source contributor, Konstantin authored over forty ruby gems with nearly 20M downloads

  • His online presentations have been watched by more than quarter million people worldwide — slideshare.net/kigster.

  • He writes a technology blog at kig.re, and actively contributes to libraries in C/C++, CMake, Arduino, Bash, as well as Chef.

  • He owns a small consulting firm Reinvent.ONE, which has helped companies from Hired.com, to Shippo, Returnly, Homebase, Wanelo, and more.

More info — reach in his resume.