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Music, DJ-ing, and Origins of Weird Names

– So, did you know?

if (my.question.style_of( == FALSE) {
  omg() || exit() || return; || run(SUPER_FAST);

Me: – "So, are you prepared to listen to some music?"

You: – "What the hell are you talking about, this is Electronics Blog, and I came here to read about my goddamn chip that's not working... You are breaking my brain!!!"

Me: – "I knew you would love it! Then let's begin :)"

You: – "Grrrrr...."

/* music_info.ino  */

curtains = new TheaterCurtain();
if (! {
  /* proceed without the curtains */
  return ("true" || 1 || TRUE);

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know it's a personal blog of Konstantin Gredeskoul, the guy with the longest name ever. Why do I have such a name? Well, I was born in Ukraine, but in the western side that spoke Russian as the daily language. Konstantin, often shortened as "Kostya", is a popular name in Russia and Ukraine, so that's not a surprise that I have that first name. However, Gredeskoul, is a rather unique last name, with only a few surviving Gredeskouls in Russia and Ukraine, and only a couple living outside (me and my mom). Gredeskoul is a last name with origins in Moldova, which culturally is closest to Romania. And if you try to think of a few famous Romanian last names, perhaps you will come up with a list of folks such as Popescu, Dumitrescu, Paulescu, Constantinescu, etc – they do have some similarity in sound. So I believe that Gredeskoul is a bastardized version of some Romanian name, something like Gredescu, which happens to exist. See, for example this football player.

So, now you see that having such a long name for quite some time now, I welcome any opportunity to shorten it.

So whenever I have to "re-" name myself, perhaps for a new "stage name", each time I had a chance to pick something shorter. So with that....

In addition to the kig (my initials in Kiguino, the name of the blog), I have two additional music-related personalities:

  1. One is called LeftCtrl and is my DJ name. Anytime I DJ at a party, this is what I use.
  2. My very old DJ name used to be djzeel about 15 years ago (famous in Australia, where I played a string of gigs across several top clubs in Melbourne, having been DJ-ing only for about 2 months total at the time, but being very successful at marketing myself to club owners, as a "DJ From San Francisco". Imagine that, in 1998 that + a tape actually got you paid gigs :-)
  3. Finally, I wrote and produced a bunch of tracks...
    • First the stage name was "PolyVinyl", and produced a single album "Inward Journeys", unreleased.
    • Following me meeting my second wife, together we produced enough tracks for two downtempo albums as PolyGroovers, also available on SoundCloud. So, my wife at the time – Telene – sang on most of the vocal tracks with two exceptions, and is also a fantastic DJ with her own SoundCloud page – Telene.

And, thanks to SoundCloud embedded widgets, I can now put them all into this thing called embed. What that means, I have no idea, but I am guessing they are just sticking it in. Somewhere. Somehow ;-)

DJ LeftCtrl (years active: 2005 – now)

PolyGroovers (years active: 2002-2009)